Another one bites the dust….unfortunately, it’s becoming all too familiar at Shops at Legacy



Another favorite at Shops at Legacy has closed it’s doors.  I am not surprised, just concerned with the future of this onetime very popular urban mixed use development. It wasn’t too long ago that you had to wait an hour to be seated on one of the many restaurant patios.  Now, as you walk up and down the popular Bishop street, it feels more like a ghost town rather than a happening place on most nights of the week.  I realize that with the opening of Legacy West and The Star, we as consumers, have so many options to choose from and these areas are shinny and new. Don’t get me wrong, I love what both of these areas have created but I also can appreciate the older, more established neighborhood feel of the Shops.  I fear that there may be more doors closing in the future….so if you once enjoyed the atmosphere of Shops at Legacy – keep it as an option when choosing a place to enjoy.  It has it’s perks! Trees, live music and now parking is so much easier.

You can read a very nice article from Jasper’s management expressing their appreciation for their employees and regular patrons and their new location in Richardson.




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